Rethink Your Approach to Exceed Customer Expectations

Photo on 5-8-13 at 1.08 PM #3I have been reading a lot about how companies can create value for their customer.  Clearly I am committed to the belief that we need to exceed the expectations of our customers.  That starts in house with the vision of the company and how it integrates the thinking of its employees into that process.

So I am pretty adamant about investing in the best talent your company can afford.   Doing so allows a full team approach to contribute to the solution(s) of a customer’s problem.  Along with that companies should learn to value the input of every member.

There are a number of ways companies can stimulate the creative solutioning process to a problem, but the bottom line is to go above and beyond what the customer expects.  Hopefully, this will increase profits and marketshare.

In her article, Susan Cramm recently wrote, to exceed customer expectations there is a need to deliver beyond expectations, attract and retain top-quality talent, and predictable economics.  Susan focused on entrepreneur Lori Patterson, CEO of Pixo, and how decision making is achieved in harmony to solidify the direction of the company.  At Pixo, employees meet and together make all key decisions about keys areas of concern like strategy, products, and staffing.

I liken this strategy to crowdsourcing except it is conducted with resources within a company.  For example, strategy is best served when all possible inputs are considered, and buy-in is reached at multiple levels.  The process of brainstorming together can achieve a cohesiveness that makes it possible for all to understand the goals of the company and the customer.

Too many companies still rely on practices of old, when in fact the world in which we live in is constantly changing, as is technology.  We can’t be afraid to change our tactics to suit this new world order.  Being a leader should mean being open to other ways to conduct business.  Considering different and viable ways to increase customer expectations can equate to happier and more productive employees as well as increased profits.



Renee Sanders is a PhD candidate in business at Capella University, where her specialization is strategy and innovation. Renee holds an BBA and MBA from the University of Maryland University College. Renee currently works in for a defense contractor as the Director of Strategic Pricing and Price to Win.

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