What Do Your Customers Really Think About Your Company

shutterstock 66022606 150x150 Data Analytics to Uncover Your Customers Cheating Hearts

What do your customers really think about your company, your offerings and your competitors? Are they looking to cheat on you if they receive a great deal on a similar product from another company?  If you want to really know how loyal your customers are you can find out by using big data analytics.

The Information on Social Sites

What information do sites like Facebook have? You’d be surprised. They have knowledge about what purchases your customer base is looking to make in the future and how they make buying decisions. They also know what your market thinks about your competitors.

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Renee Sanders is a PhD candidate in business at Capella University, where her specialization is strategy and innovation. Renee holds an BBA and MBA from the University of Maryland University College. Renee currently works in for a defense contractor as the Director of Strategic Pricing and Price to Win.

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