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Photo on 5-8-13 at 1.08 PM #3Hello, my name is Renee Sanders and I blog about business strategy, innovation and competitiveness.  My focus is to help business owners begin to expand their thinking about being competitive in a very hyper intensive market place that makes it difficult to grab and/or maintain market share.  Businesses come and go, I know because it has happened to me.

The beauty of living in this wonderful free enterprise system, is you can and should always learn something from your experiences that fuels your fire to try it again.  Understanding how concepts of strategy and innovation contribute to the growth of a company is vitally important.  I hope you can contribute your thoughts and experiences in this venue.  Join in the conversation, I would like to hear your thoughts.

About Me

I am a PhD candidate at Capella University, where my specialization is strategy and innovation. I hold an MBA and BS from the University of Maryland University College.

I have more than 25 years of experience working with federal contractors in a number of different capacities, all of which have contributed to my growth and becoming a subject matter expert in this field.  I have also owned my own government contracting business providing professional services to the federal government, as well as other small business ventures.

I am excited to announce I am currently working on my very first book and anticipate a 2014 release date.  With that said, the book will provide more in depth tools, techniques and strategies for businesses to maximize revenues and sustain or increase your competitive advantage.  Check back for information on where you can purchase my latest book.


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